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Why US ?

A desire to win pervades everything we do.
Our vision is to make the exceptional happen by challenging traditional thinking and defying conventional boundaries, and continue to raise our standards and aspirations.

We will achieve our vision by:
Develop and share knowledge
Respect each other and celebrate our diversity
Building research power to solve global challenges
Delivering internationally excellent education
Creating impact regionally, nationally and globally
Enable our graduates to be exceptional individuals equipped to address global challenges

Our Services

Through sport and lofty values of human resources development cycle we offer to our members , Many services that contribute to professional sports work. And the sustainability of knowledge and keep up with scientific innovations and real investment to contribute to the success of individuals, companies and communities.

Within the framework of cognitive integration of relevant and influential sciences in current and future mathematical functions,
We contribute to increasing personal capabilities, which leads to career professionalism in every sports discipline

Articles & Research

Refer to the international scientific journals and see the recommendations of the latest conferences in recent times, With the participation of researchers at the Arab and African level, many investable research has been prepared for the executive work

Training Programs

Developing the capabilities of the workers in sport through studying in degrees to reach professional level . 

Sports Activities

We have many schools to set up sports activities in practice for the community and championships in sports for children, young people and professionals in football, swimming. Athletics. Taekwondo. Karate . fitness .

Jobs Chances

We support our graduates after preparing them and qualifying them to gain a real job opportunity, In the international labor market and the appropriate elements for employment are selected according to the needs of the institutions.

Sport Consulting

we provide Business consulting in the sports industry . we provide athletic solutions outside the box

Scientific Library

Digital library for scientific research accredited to international scientific journals. To increase the culture and mathematical awareness of the community, and to support researchers with modern knowledge . 

Investment Opportunities

There are many strong opportunities to invest in sports at all levels,
We are always ready to start working immediately with our partners with professional capabilities .

Projects Management

Through our experts, We offer assistance to all investors in sport, to start the personal project. And cooperation with companies and institutions for the old sports services of the community.


Modern technology has greatly influenced the methods of measurement and testing in sport, Where the large boom in the rehabilitation and measurement and testing devices. Which support the trainer's access to information to improve physical performance

​Study Areas

Rolling admissions apply! ..............New Classes Start Each Month!

Originally, the implementation of international standards of education characterize our training, By providing friction to be practical experiences implemented by a group of professors , Researchers and experts to achieve the objectives of training. In order to coexist logically with knowledge and simulate professional developments to provide the needs of the regional and International labor market and create new opportunities for the participants.

Law and Legislation

we provides advanced training in dispute resolution through professional training and academic programs.

Sport Governance

Governance is the core of management and one of the most important capabilities for corporate leadership


Focus on various aspects of sports management and relationship between good governance and sustainability in sport

Media and Journalism

Ability to add featured image, gallery, video and audio to your Joomla article.

Sports Medicine

The programme covers the evidence-based management of sports medicine and interdisciplinary approach to prevention, treatment and rehaplitation of sports injuries.

Sport Professional Trainer

we provide knowledge of the latest athletic trainning trends and the most innovative practical.and become an expert in improving physical condition

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  • Learn while working, taking advantage of a state-of-the-art online platform.
  • Study Online, Graduate on Campus!
inernational olempic committee
Tribunal Arbitral du Sport / Court of Arbitration for Sport
The World Anti-Doping Agency


P-Sport combines a world class education, an exclusive sport development program and life skills opportunities in a uniquely professional context.

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