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P-Sport & Metas combines world-class education, an exclusive sports technology development program, and opportunities to experience training in the use of technology and master technical skills in a unique professional context.
Our Capabilities
We have capabilities
The technological capabilities and the possession of modern devices for this ability are the most important basis for the beginning of its use. And through Metas technologies, we help athletes, coaches and researchers . 
Our Services
Keeping abreast of technological development, recently introduced software services, smart systems, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and applications, and their use by major international companies,
Which prompted us to be one of the leading companies in the Middle East and Africa and represents the bridge between learning and technology to reach the goal
We support the sports human resource to use technology, digital orientation, and machine identification and production. Therefore, we support researchers in the sports field in providing all the technology to work on a new research paper presented for the first time in the Middle East and Africa.
Where to join the global classification and the periodic arrangement of technology users around the world.
Virtual Reality
There are many systems currently developed in the world, which constitute a major transformation in the global sports system, which the world will not be free from the inevitability of dealing with it, such as the relationship of sports, both augmented reality and virtual, imagined, latent or virtual reality (vr).  Sports in the near future will be associated with the majority of its scientific, educational and training activities and practices with technology based on projecting virtual objects
Artificial intelligence
Building artificial intelligence to target its determinants is the ability of a sports organization to plan through the use of artificial intelligence.
Which depends on the use of different criteria in the planning process other than the traditional criteria used, so the issue of planning does not depend on the idea of ​​setting goals and achieving them.
Data Analysis

We offer free educational and introductory seminars to all our visitors , So that all of us (researchers, trainers and practitioners) can learn about technology and be more familiar with the operation of machines and their uses and discover new capabilities , Through lectures , seminars and training programs offered through our platform. We can make you capable and well aware of what you want to reach from the goals.

Learn Technology
Learning the uses of modern technological devices is very important.
It is what enables us to discover knowledge and how to keep pace with these technologies,
(such as virtual reality glasses) have an operating system and interaction methods to access knowledge and what to offer and discover needs and achieve the goal of the machine,

We give an example where we all remember the beginning of the mobile phone and how to identify its uses and the suggestions, choices and information that it offers you.
Where experience is the best way to learn and discover more knowledge and increase the volume of information.

Therefore, we emphasize to all participants the importance of this step (Machine Learning) in order to arrive at the personal perception of the target of this technology.


P-Sport combines a world class education, an exclusive sport development program and life skills opportunities in a uniquely professional context.

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